Picnic Wedding


March 2012 is coming up so quickly! It’s safe to say that I’m more than a little bit excited!!

It feels like just yesterday that my man was on one knee, with me standing with a big goofy smile on my face with tears streaming down my cheeks! I couldn’t be happier, just looking at the ring makes me smile.

I’m pretty alternative when it comes to weddings. I don’t want a big, white princess wedding. I want it to reflect us, as a couple and for the day to be filled with smiles, laughs, family and friends. To make it even more exciting, it will be the first time my family and friends will be in one place at the same time! I came to Thailand fresh out of High School and quickly fell in love with not only the country, but more specifically a man! I never turned back and call Thailand my home.

I still have way too much to do before we’ll be ready for the wedding (which will be on the beach – love love LOVE the beach!). Our wedding will be like an evening romantic picnic… candles, picnic rugs, cute baskets, short summery dresses and colour.

I have one little problem. The wedding dress. Please, feel free to send me your suggestions. I’m going to get it made, but I have no idea what kind of design I want!! Definitely something short, flowy and… blue.

Maybe something like these. They’re still cute and elegant. Looking through wedding dresses has inspired me to go out with the girls for a bit of a wedding dress hunt this weekend!!

How are you spending your weekend? I hope you all have a lovely relaxing time spent with friends and family. Or, maybe just a quiet weekend all to yourself! Enjoy.